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The Williamsburg Women's Chorus is a group of all-female voices dedicated to preserving women's choral music for future generations. The only group of its kind in the area, the Chorus was founded in 1965 to encourage appreciation for the rich heritage of women's choral literature. Members come from a variety of musical backgrounds and all parts of the community. For over 55 years, the Chorus has performed major choral works for the Williamsburg area. Please visit our History page to learn more!

There are two major concerts each year, one in November and one in May. Our concerts provide a venue for middle school choirs to join us and sing at our concerts. Additionally, at the Spring concert, the recipients of our vocal scholarship join us onstage and perform.

The Chorus and The Choraliers perform outreach concerts each year throughout the Williamsburg area.

The Chorus is sustained by membership dues, public donations, ticket sales, and grants. The grants are supplied from various entities throughout the Williamsburg community. The Phyllis Varner Endowment provides an opportunity to ensure the longevity of the chorus for the future.

The Choraliers, an ambassador ensemble of the Chorus, performs for groups and membership is by director's invitation only.