2015: Dalia McCoy

2005: Jessica Tussing

2017: Sabrina Christoffersen

2011: Caramia Capone

2009: Mary Efimetz

Phyllis m. varner memorial scholarships

2014: Tara Davy

2017: Brianna McNulty

2013: Courtney Cummings

2008: Victoria Brinkley

scholarship background


Phyllis M. Varner (1929-2014) was the founder and first director of the Williamsburg Women's Chorus (1965). She and her husband, Chuck, relocated to Williamsburg, Virginia in 1954 and raised a family of five children here.  Both Phyllis and Chuck were deeply rooted in the Williamsburg music scene, performing, teaching, conducting, arranging and composing throughout their careers.  The membership of the Williamsburg Women's Chorus has funded these scholarships each year since 2005. Now named the Phyllis M. Varner Memorial Scholarships, two awards are given annually. Scholarship recipients are high school women in the Williamsburg community who want to learn and grow in their vocal technique. It is the Chorus's honor to invest in the education of our future musicians.

2007: Chemin Waiters

2010: Hailey Voorhees

past scholarship recipients

2014: Haley Griffith

2016: Emily Rosenberger

2013: Elizabeth Mothershead

2015: Chloe Martin

2006: Kathryn Llewellyn

2016: Abigail Carter

2005: Carmen Granger

2006: Kinneret Ely

2012: Lindsey DeCamp